God can speak through the most random things!

In God's handsTwo random objects that happened to be on my boss’s kitchen table when his young grandson was staying over…..

I have not written anything for the last few days, been going through a particularly difficult situation to which no satisfactory end seems to be in sight.  Then today, a one-liner from a character in the latest James Bond film “Spectre” – this is not advertising, but I did enjoy the action which also helped distract me from my personal woes! – reminded me of a prophetic one-liner given to me online by Larry Pearson (who used to minister at TACF, now called Catch the Fire in Toronto, and who now has his own webcast “Soar and Explore” on Thursday evenings).  His short but encouraging word to me was,

“It’s not over for you, Jill!”

Over 30 years ago, when I was first introduced to Holy Spirit-led healing and counselling ministry, and realising with a shock that the healing process might not be instant or easy, the lady from the couple praying with me told me she was getting a prophetic word for me from the Lord……she, her husband and I stood by for a dramatic and extended oration, and all she got was:

“Hold on!”

She thought she had shut down the Lord’s voice prematurely, but I assured her that she had not.  This word was relevant and encouraging to  me at that time, and continues to be so even several decades later.

“Hold on!” – hold on to God and His promises, whatever is happening in and around you.

“Hold on…..” – I’m not finished with you yet!

“Hold on” –The Lord is holding on to me in all that life throws at me…..

Again, this reminds me of another short but meaningful word that came into my mind soon after the moment on May 14th, 1984, I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life as well as my Saviour to keep me from going to Hell – the late David Watson referred to this as “inking over one’s pencilled decision to follow Jesus” – anyone who went to school as long ago as I will know what I mean!  I expected angel trumpets, or at the very least a flash or two of lightning, but God was in the still small voice:

“None shall pluck thee from My hand.”

This was the phrase that the Holy Spirit dropped gently into my heart that evening; and again, this has been a personal promise that has kept me going “through all the changing scenes of life” – strangely enough, one of the hymns I had chosen for my wedding a couple of years previously, and which yet again has turned out to be very apt in encouraging me to keep my eyes on the Lord whatever is going on in and around me.


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