May the peace of Christ touch you now!

This blog, which I hope to update at least once a week, is an offshoot of  my website    which opens with the question “Does Christ heal today?”

Since I set up that simple website (originally as an exercise on an IT course) a few years ago, I have seen the power of Jesus at work many times, not only in my immediate surroundings, but all the more now because of the advances in internet technology…..

more to come, it’s very late on a Sunday night and I plan to share some up to date true stories of what God is doing on most of my posts to come.    For a start, here is something shared earlier this month on Facebook by Paul Rapley who shares the love and power of Christ on the streets (something I love to do too!) in many nations:

“In Safford, Arizona. A woman with a goiter for 44 years had it disappear. She also had a foot with very little mobility for 27 years move freely. A different woman with neck and heart problems for 59 years noticed they were gone. And a lot of others with another 4 praying to start a relationship with Jesus.”


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